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Dzintars Zirnis

Dzintars Zirnis (born 25 April 1977 in Riga) is a Latvian football defender. He plays for Latvian First League club FK 1625 Liepāja. For almost his entire career Zirnis played for FK Liepājas Metalurgs in the Latvian Higher League, making his debut in 1997 and playing there until 2013. He was also a member of Latvia national football team how to tenderize a steak quickly.

Zirnis played for FK Pārdaugava Rīga before joining FK Liepājas Metalurgs in 1997. In September 2004 he played in the UEFA Cup for Metalurgs in which the club beat Faroe Islands club, B36 Tórshavn 11-2 over two legs in the first qualifying round and then beat the Swedish Allsvenskan club Östers IF in the second qualifying round glass and rubber water bottle. Metalurgs were beaten by the German Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 in the first round, 9-1 over two legs. On 1 October 2005 Zirnis was a part of the Metalurgs team that beat FK Ventspils 5-1 to seal the club’s first ever Latvian Higher League title. Zirnis ended his professional career after the 2013 Latvian Higher League season bpa free reusable water bottles, having played 403 league matches and scored 7 goals. He is one of the most capped players in the history of the Latvian top tier championship behind his ex-teammate Viktors Spole and Igors Korabļovs.

Zirnis made his debut for Latvia national football team on 19 August 1997 in a 0-0 draw with Azerbaijan. In November 2003 he was a part of the Latvian team that beat Turkey over two legs to qualify for the UEFA Euro 2004 finals, for the first time qualifying for a major international tournament. and played at the finals in 2004. Zirnis was sent off in the Baltic Cup final against Lithuania in Kaunas on 22 May 2005 runners hydration belt. On 17 November 2007 he scored an own goal to give Liechtenstein the lead in a UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying Group F match which Latvia eventually won 4-1. Zirnis played 68 international matches for Latvia.


HMS Raider (P275)

HMS Raider is an Archer-class patrol and training vessel of the British Royal Navy. Along with her batch 2 sister-ship, HMS Tracker, Raider is part of the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron based at HMNB Clyde.

Raider is one of sixteen 20-metre, 54-tonne P2000 patrol craft operated by the Royal Navy. She is constructed from glass-reinforced plastic. As a « batch 2 » vessel, Raider has a sustainable top speed of 24 knots, faster than her batch 1 sister ships due to her more powerful turbocharged MTU diesels; she can exceed 24 knots in suitable sea conditions. Both Raider and Tracker operate in the force protection role wholesale socks los angeles, providing maritime security for high value shipping in the Firth of Clyde, and are armed with three general purpose machine guns small waist bag.

Raider bpa free reusable water bottles, formerly of Cambridge URNU, became Bristol URNU’s training ship in Summer 2010, superseding HMS Trumpeter. In October 2012 she joined the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron to replace HMS Dasher, which returned to Bristol URNU.

Z Corporation

Z Corporation (commonly abbreviated Z Corp.) was acquired by 3D Systems on January 3, 2012.

ZPrinting relates to the z axis which adds depth to the other 2 axes x,y as does 3D printing.

In 1993, a new 3D printing technology football shirts for children, ZPrinting, was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As in many other rapid prototyping processes, the part to be printed is built up from many thin cross sections of the 3D model. In ZPrinters bpa free reusable water bottles, an inkjet-like printing head moves across a bed of powder, selectively depositing a liquid binding material in the shape of the section. A fresh layer of powder is spread across the top of the model, and the process is repeated. When the model is complete, unbound powder is automatically removed. Parts can be built on a ZPrinter at a rate of approximately 1 vertical inch per hour.

Zprinters can print parts in full color, using inkjet technology that has been refined for decades in the 2 dimensional printing industry. The color science has been adapted for use in 3 dimensions world soccer shirts. The color spectrum of their most capable machines is full cmyk, or up to 6 million colors. Due to this wide range of color choices, the machines are able to print gradient color patterns. This is how the machines differ from any other « color » 3d printing system. Color can be used to simulate the appearance of other materials (as in architectural models or product prototypes ), to highlight surface structures or add annotations to models (as in models used to plan surgeries ), or to display the results of structural analyses (such as finite element analysis) directly on the model surface.

Zprinters originally gained recognition through applications in medical and architectural industry. More recently, they have been popular for creating 3d printed models of people from color 3d-scans, avatars from video games (Space Engineers, World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed), artistic and realistic sculptures.

As of 2016, 3D Systems rebranded the Z Corp’s 3D printing technology as Color Jet., the service bureau owned by 3D Systems, offers service from this printing technology.