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MV Rabaul Queen

MV Rabaul Queen was a passenger ferry owned by the Papua New Guinea company Rabaul Shipping. The ship, built in Japan in 1983, operated on short runs in that country, before being brought to Papua New Guinea in 1998 and plying a regular weekly route between Kimbe, the capital of West New Britain, and Lae, the capital of the mainland province of Morobe. In the early hours of 2 February 2012, the ferry capsized and later sank in rough conditions.

Early in the morning of 2 February 2012, the ship capsized due to rough conditions in the Solomon Sea. The ship was hit by three large waves. About four hours later, at approximately 6:00 am local time (8:00 pm on 1 February UTC), she sank 9&nbsp refillable water bottles with filter;nautical miles (16 km) from Finschhafen. She was near the end of her 20-hour journey from Kimbe to Lae. 12 crew and an estimated 350 passengers were aboard at the time, though it is possible there may have been more than 500 passengers on the ferry.

A joint rescue effort by Papua New Guinea and Australia was formed shortly after the sinking. 246 survivors were rescued by nightfall on 2 February

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. As of 5 February 2012, the bodies of six victims have been recovered, and no further survivors have been rescued. Over 100 are still missing. Seven of the survivors were admitted to Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae, three of whom had serious injuries. It was reported that 27 survivors were on an uninhabited island; one survivor contacted a family member with a cell phone, although Papua New Guinea’s Maritime Safety Authority claimed on 5 February that any survivors would already have been located pop warner football uniforms.

Many survivors were rescued by six merchant vessels alerted by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which was alerted by Rabaul Shipping that the ferry had disappeared from a satellite tracking system. Seven fixed wing aircraft, including a P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force, three helicopters and seven boats were involved in locating survivors. On 11 February it was reported that some of the survivors were having stomach pains because they swallowed seawater containing oil leaking from the boat.

On 10 February 2012, Radio New Zealand reported that the number of people rescued had been re-calculated as 237, and that the number of people missing (based on new information from relatives of those onboard) was 321. This would indicate that some 558 people were aboard the vessel. It was only permitted to carry 310 holland football shirt.

A Commission of Inquiry was set up and led by Warwick Andrew, who submitted the final report to caretaker Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. O’Neill said that the 200-page report would first need to be tabled in parliament before its release and would thus have to wait for the new parliament to sit following the general election.


Terremoto de Guyarat de 2001

16 km

El terremoto de Guyarat de 2001 ocurrió el 26 de enero de 2001 pop warner football uniforms, en el 51er Día de la República de la India, a las 08:46 AM hora local (03:16 UTC) y tuvo una duración de más de dos minutos. El epicentro se situó a cerca de 9 km al sur-suroeste de la localidad de Chobari en el taluka de Bhachau, Distrito de Kutch en el estado de Guyarat. El terremoto alcanzó los 7.7 grados Mw y tuvo una intensidad máxima de X (Intensa) en la escala de Mercalli. Produjo alrededor de veinte mil fallecidos (incluyendo 18 personas en el sudeste de Pakistán), dejando otros 167.000 heridos y destruyendo cerca de 400.000 viviendas.

El recuento final de víctimas en el distrito de Kutch fue de 12.290 muertes. Bhuj, situada sólo 20 kilómetros del epicentro, resultó devastada. También hubo daños considerables en Bhachau y Anjar waterproof pack. Más de un millón de estructuras resultaron dañadas o destruidas, incluyendo muchas construcciones históricas y atracciones turísticas. El terremoto destruyó cerca del 40% de las viviendas best running bottle belt, ocho escuelas water flask bottle, dos hospitales y 4 km de carreteras en Bhuj. Resultaron parcialmente damnificados el histórico templo Shri Swaminarayan Mandir y los palacios de Prag Mahal y Aina Mahal. En Ahmedabad, capital comercial de Guyarat de una población de 4,6 millones de habitantes, cerca de 50 edificios de tiendas por departamentos colapsaron y varios cientos de personas resultaron muertas. El total de daños a la propiedad fue estimado en más de 5,5 billones de dólares estadounidenses.