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Colibri cora

Thaumastura cora

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Le Colibri cora, Thaumastura cora, unique représentant du genre Thaumastura, est une espèce de colibris de la sous-famille des Trochilinae.

Le Colibri cora est présent au Pérou, dans l’extrême sud de l’Équateur et dans l’extrême nord du Chili à l’ouest des Andes.

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Sally Hitchiner

Sally Hitchiner (born 1980) is an English Anglican priest. She is currently Coordinating Anglican Chaplain and Interfaith Adviser at Brunel University.

Hitchiner was born in 1980. From 1998 to 2001, she studied anthropology and social policy at the University of York. She then studied theology and trained for ordination at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, an Evangelical Anglican theological college premiership football shirts.

In 2008 she became Assistant Chaplain at St Peters College meat tenderization methods, Oxford and at the Oxford Pastorate chaplaincy where she reinvented the Oxford University Socratic Society, debating philosophy and theology with those of different beliefs.[citation needed]

She served her curacy at St John’s Church Ealing from 2009 to 2012, during which time she led the church’s Sunday evening Cafe Church congregation with a special focus on those who did not feel comfortable in mainstream church settings. She also developed a role in the media, commenting on religious affairs, including the issue of women becoming bishops.[citation needed] She was involved in coordinating the local community response to the London riots in 2011, and a year later led the call towards forgiveness and reconciliation. She developed an unlikely friendship with Richard Dawkins following jointly sitting with him as the subject for the semi final of the Sky Arts National Portrait of the Year competition which was aired in December 2014

She contributed a chapter on mission to a book celebrating the voices of ordained women who had become national experts

On 15 July 2014, she was accidentally outed during a live appearance on television. Hitchiner opposes the Church of England’s official stance against same-sex marriage and « gay-to-straight » conversion therapy, and is the founder of Diverse Church, a movement for young LGBT adults. She stated on BBC Breakfast on 3 September 2016 that she had recently become engaged to be Civilly Partnered.

She stands out as a moderate voice who advocates all sides in the debate working together constructively towards increased inclusion of LGBT people within the church and society.

In 2014 she founded Diverse Church a national support group for 18-30 year old LGBT+ Christians. This group specialises in supporting those in the most conservative ends of the church and welcomes all 18-30 year old LGBT Christians whatever their views are on ethics or theology. It places a high value on confidentiality and there is no need to come beyond the group out when you join.