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William May (artistic director)

William H. « Billy » May (August 30, 1953 – December 31, 2009) was an American-born Australian artistic director, theater producer and composer. May was best known for creating the Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience, an arena show based on the BBC documentary television mini-series, Walking with Dinosaurs. The production, which debuted in 2007 and features 15 lifelike dinosaurs designed by May arsenal football shirt, has been called « one of the largest and most acclaimed shows to come out of Australia. »

May was born on August 30 running waist pack, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. May earned a scholarship to Carnegie Hall to study dance when he was twelve years old. He next enrolled at the High School of Performing Arts, also on a scholarship. He toured with a number of acts while he was a teenager, including the Osmonds and Sonny and Cher.

In 1972, at the age of 19, he moved to Australia to live with his life partner, producer Malcolm Cooke. The two became artistic and business partners as well, ultimately working on more than forty theater productions in Australia, the United Kingdom and New York City. May worked from Australia to oversee international and Australian theatrical productions.

He also partnered with Cooke to manage the career of Australian singer Samantha Sang. May hired Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees to write and produce a single for Sang, which resulted in the 1977 international hit single, Emotion.

In 1983, May returned to New York City to produce the musical, Marilyn: An American Fable. As a result, May, who was just 24 years old in 1983, became the youngest producer on Broadway at the time.

May’s other credits included The Hobbit; the 2002 theatrical production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at The Arts Centre in Melbourne; Boswell for the Defense, which starred actor Leo McKern as James Boswell; and the 1997 musical, Always. May wrote and composed the music, book and lyrics for Always, a musical focusing on the lives of Edward VII and Wallis Simpson. However, poor reviews caused Always, to close soon after its opening.

May suffered another professional setback after he sold his screenplay for a film to be called Skippy to Rupert Murdoch at 20th Century Fox. However, the screenplay was rejected by studio executive Barry Diller, who overruled Murdoch and cancelled the project.

However, May found professional and commercial success when he created the 2007 live stage production of Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience, based on the documentary of the same name which aired on the BBC and the Discovery Channel.

May was inspired to create the prehistoric live show after watching cranes constructing the Southern Cross railway station in Melbourne during the night. May felt the cranes resembled dinosaurs, which served as the inspiration for the arena show.

May needed two years to create the lifelike dinosaurs, which needed to be both realistic and easily transportable for the tour. May hired approximately fifty people to create the dinosaurs using his designs.

He chose Sonny Tilders, one of the film and television industries’ leading professionals in the field of animatronic puppetry, to head the development of the dinosaurs. May designed the fifteen life-size dinosaurs used in the production. Ten species of dinosaurs are included in the show, including the Liliensternus, Plateosaurus, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor and Torosaurus. The largest dinosaur in the production, the Brachiosaurus, which most resembles the cranes which inspired the show, measures 56 feet long and 36 feet tall.

The live adaptation, which debuted in 2007, was called Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular in Australia, but was later marketed under the name football style t shirt, Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience in North America and Europe.

Walking with Dinosaurs cost $20 million to create and was an instant commercial success. The Hollywood Reporter described Walking with Dinosaurs as « one of the largest and most acclaimed shows to come out of Australia. »

According to Polstar, Walking with Dinosaurs was the best-selling non-musical touring production in North America in 2009. The production grossed $46.2 million and sold more than one million tickets throughout the United States and Canada leg of the tour football practice uniforms.

As of early 2010, May’s Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience is still touring arenas and stadiums throughout North America and Europe.

May died of pneumonia at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, on December 31, 2009, at the age of 56. He was survived by his partner of 37 years, Malcolm Cooke. May’s funeral was held at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne.

Bunge SA v Nidera BV

Bunge SA v Nidera BV is a landmark decision of the United Kingdom Supreme Court in the area of commercial law, providing guidance on the assessment of damages arising out of a wrongful repudiation of a contract for the sale of goods.

The parties entered into a contract for the supply of 25,000 metric tonnes of Russian milling wheat, which was to be shipped in the latter part of August 2010. It incorporated GAFTA Form 49, which provided procedures for termination and default damages.

When Russia introduced a legislative embargo on exports of wheat from its territory (which ran from 15 August to 31 December 2010), Bunge (the « Seller ») notified the Buyer of the embargo and purported to declare the contract cancelled. Nidera (the « Buyer ») did not accept that the Seller was entitled to cancel the contract and treated the purported cancellation as a repudiation, which it accepted on 11 August 2010. The following day the Seller offered to reinstate the contract on the same terms, but the Buyer would not agree. Instead, it began arbitration proceedings under the GAFTA rules in support of a claim for damages of US$3,062,500.

GAFTA’s first-tier tribunal held that the contract had been repudiated, and its ruling was upheld by the GAFTA Appeal Panel, which awarded the Buyer its claim in full. The ruling was subsequently upheld by the Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal of England and Wales football practice jerseys.

The Supreme Court found in favour of the Seller and awarded the Buyer nominal damages of only US$5. In his ruling, Lord Sumption succinctly expressed the relevant principle in assessing damages:

Commercial certainty is undoubtedly important, although its significance will inevitably vary from one contract to another. But it can rarely be thought to justify an award of substantial damages to someone who has not suffered any.

In that regard, he held that:

The Golden Victory, when it was handed down water bottle belt carrier, attracted considerable discussion among jurists and academics, with one former judge of the Commercial Court declaring that it was « ‘the worst decision on any aspect of English commercial law, and certainly shipping law, that has come out of the House of Lords in my entire career in the legal profession.. running waist pack. » Academics raised several concerns about the majority decision, stating that it damages the certainty which is one of the major advantages of English commercial law, and it encourages the breaching party to delay settlement or prolong litigation. However, it has also been pointed out that the majority decision also reinforced the risk allocation function of contract, and the rule stated in it is both socially desirable and it provides an incentive to inform the other party as early as possible of their intention to breach, thus creating a more efficient outcome from a game theory perspective. Bunge has resolved the uncertainty that had arisen from this ruling.

As GAFTA 49 is a standard form that is widely used in commodities transactions, Bunge is expected to have broad consequences. Most commentators point out that clear and express words will need to be incorporated into such contracts to oust the common law principles involved, which will make the relevant clauses more complex.